Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Where is the pause button????

You know those moments in life that you just want to capture---to permanently freeze so that you don't just "remember" it, but that you actually FEEL it all over again? I think I have those moments a lot...and might not even notice.

In this hurried hurried world, I definitely need a pause button. Just a few minutes to sit back and think about what these moments mean---to look at it from a few different angles and put it in perspective, learn a lesson, better myself, and more importantly to remember to be so thankful. I had a lot of those today. Just sweet little reminders that my kids are my greatest blessings, that my husband makes me proud, that whether we are all wrestling on the floor of our new house or on the floor of an old trailer it still would have been just as great, that I have a God who loves me and that wants me to love Him more. Can I share a few of those moments with you?
Walker, Sawyer, and even Sunny were "playing" instruments for me on the floor. Sawyer was jamming out on the guitar, and Sunny and Walker were banging on the drums...Sawyer says "hit it walker, sing the song you wrote" and Walker yells out "when you are bad NANANANANANANANANANANANA you don't get to go to the doughnut shop........when you are sad you go to the doughnut shop and it makes you glad NANANANANANANANA"

PAUSE.....three sweet babies laughing, singing, playing together, bringing so much joy to their mommy (by the way, how is it that Walker, at age 3, has already picked up on the glory that is Krispy Kreme?)

I'll limit it to one more PAUSEable moment. Tonight as the boys were going to sleep I read a Bible story that talked about God answering prayers. I told the boys "God will always hear your prayers", and Sawyer said "mom, on the movie that we just watched it said that God will always answer your prayers, but that it isn't always right away and sometimes he says no, sometimes yes and sometimes he says wait" PAUSE. . .whether or not my sweet 5 year old little boy can fully understand this statement or not doesn't matter....the fact that his little brain heard that statement and held on to it does matter! Then Sawyer said "sometimes I don't know if I can hear God" and Walker said "That's because you have to be quiet because He whispers."

Where is that pause button??

Thursday, March 6, 2008

simple prayers

It turns out that I am not a very good blogger. I don't have the time or energy or at this point in my life the brain cells required to construct a complex sentence. I did want to share something that I've been nibbling on for a while. When Sawyer or Walker pray they always start it out the same way "Dear God, Thank You for this great day"....they usually continue on with things like "thank you for mommy and daddy and my brother and sister, and thank you that we got to play outside today and thank you that we got to watch ninja warriors on tv and thank you that when we were at WalMart we got to each get one cookie, but then the lady said we could each have 2 so we got 2 cookies...etc, etc..." (they don't actually say the "etc, etc" but sometimes we might get to eat dinner a little quicker if they did!)
Anyway, the part that I love is "thank you for this great day". I don't know if we taught them that, if they came up with it, if they say it out of habit or if they really mean it. All I know is that they say it every time, and I want to too. I want to say (and mean) "Thank You God for this great day". They never say "thank you for this great day, except for that part when I fell down and got a booboo" or "thanks for this great day, except for when mommy yelled at everybody in the car for taking the lids off our drinks and spilling chocolate milk all over".

Just "thanks for this great day".

A dear friend of my sister-in-law had a baby 7 days ago that wasn't supposed to live for 7 minutes. She has lived for a week now. I can't even pretend to know what it's been like, not even for a moment. The only thing I do know is how it feels to love your child. How hard yet how GREAT have the 7 days been? Thank you, God, for this GREAT day, and for the last 6.
Help me to mean it when I say it, even if circumstances aren't great, help me to see your Greatness in each day.