Thursday, August 19, 2010

How to Pack a Lunch

On an ordinary day, almost 2000 years ago, a mother packed a lunch for her son.

There was a new teacher in town, and her son was anxious to listen to him speak, to learn and observe, and gain wisdom from this man. So she packed his lunch--an ordinary task, on an ordinary day.

And on that day, God made a miracle out of the mundane.

When she wrapped up 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish and sent him on his way she had no idea that the ordinary would soon be made extraordinary.

She had no idea that the lunch packed to feed her son would nourish the hearts and souls of thousands.

She had no idea that by preparing to meet his physical needs she was equipping his heart to serve and meet the needs of others.

No idea that the meal she made for her own son would be used to manifest the glory of the Son of God.

No idea . . .
She just packed a lunch for her son---because that’s what a mommy does.

On days that seem so ordinary, and the monotony of laundry and lunch boxes and homework seem a little underwhelming. . .remember that God most often uses the mundane to perform the miraculous. May your school year be blessed as you pack so much more than just a lunch!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Good Mom/Bad Mom

Sometimes I'm a really good mom.
Exhibit A
The ice cream man cometh.....the good mom giveth.......

"Good Mom, can we please have the extra expensive super hero ice cream."


"Good Mom, thank you for your loving kindness....your generosity....your zeal for life and all things yummy."

"Of course."

"Good Mom, you are so fun and impulsive. You channel your inner child and delight in the experience of the ice cream truck."

"Yes, yes i do...."

"Good Mom, I didn't get any ice cream....but you sacrifice your own body and breastfeed me every three hours so how could I complain."

"My pleasure."

"Good Mom, you color coordinated my ice cream to my clothing....and speaking of my clothing, you even purchased a "character shirt" for me and let me wear it in public. I know you detest character clothing, yet because of the joy it brings once again have laid down your desire for mine."

"That's just the way I am....."

But before you call me for parenting lessons, may I present....

Exhibit B

The Bad Mom

"Bad mom, why, oh why did you tear up my writing assignment......"

"Because I told you over and over to use your best handwriting, to write your first AND last name, to use accurate spacing, to stop scribbiling all over the page, to stop lollygagging....NO WIRE HANGERS NO WIRE HANGERS NO WIRE HANGERS..........
I didn't really say that.
I mean who really says "lollygagging"......

Please don't feel the need to contact the authorities.....I took this 1 second later.....

It obviously didn't phase him too much....perhaps he has grown accustomed to female irrational, emotional outbursts....which will actually make him an excellent husband, nevermind...forget that bad mom stuff....I am a good mom :)