Monday, December 31, 2007

And the winner is. . . .My Dad!

A big congratulations to my dad, Ron Harp, for his exciting victory as the Mountain Man Big Buck winner. His buck was a 21 (almost 22) point. If you haven't aleady heard the story, let me give you a little background. My dad rarely gets to hunt on his own land, not because of lack of time or interest, but because his generosity often gets in the way. He usually lets my brother or husband or one of his other hunting buddies use the stands and locations that he preps and cares for every season. On this particular day Ben didn't make it over to Siloam, so dad sat in the stand that Ben usually uses. The funny thing is, he didn't shoot the deer the first time he saw it. Since it was headed in the direction of my brother's stand, he let it go by so that Jeremy could get it. When the deer turned to go in the opposite direction, away from my brother's stand, my dad decided it was now or never! As soon as dad called with the news the boys and Ben headed to Siloam. What a day!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

May the Force Be With You

This posting is a little out of order. It should have been posted right after Halloween (however,we tend to operate on Shankle Standard Time...which is about 3 months behind!) We especially wanted to show it to our fellow Star Wars fans. . .Charlie and John David!

To Blog or Not To Blog?

Well, I guess it's time we jump on the "blogwagon".
Check back soon for more postings!