Thursday, July 23, 2009

Pocketful of Sunshine

See this cute girl?

Her name is Sunny Brooke, and there is absolutely no other name on this planet that could ever fit so perfectly (unless we named her Miss Sassy Wonderfulness, and that's really too long to embroider on anything, and besides you never know how many other Miss Sassy's there might be in her kindergarten class. . .)

Anyway, here is a quick update on what Sunny has been up to lately (you know, the things you would normally write down in a baby book. . . and by "you" I mean all the "good moms" out there who make scrapbooks for their children.)

1. She puts her hands on her hips all the time! (exhibit A)

exhibit B

I have no idea where she gets this from. I know that I do not do that (or flip my hair or constantly talk on my cell phone while laughing and saying "yeah, yeah, yeah, um, yeah." )

2. She is trying to potty train herself. (Yes, I know this is technically my job, but I'm not really feeling up to it right now.) At least 5 times a day I have to ask "Sunny, do you have a diaper on?" "Did you just pee pee somewhere?" "Was it in the potty?"---cringe, fingers crossed. This is a picture from this morning when she came downstairs carrying her frog potty and put it in the middle of the living room (Hey, we're classy like that! Did I mention that we are in a rental house?)

3. She adds the middle name "Sue" when she is calling for someone. . . most of the time it is for "Walker Sue" and "Sawyer Sue" in a sweet sing song voice, followed by "comere wightnow! woooooooooon, twoooooooooooo, treeeeeeeeeee" in a mean mommy voice that I'm not really sure where she picked up.

4. She has a certain phrase she likes to yell over banisters and out of car windows, "Hey Pee Pee head!" Sometimes she even mixes it up with a "Hey Poopy head!" It's horrible and awful and terrible and bad parenting and it's also the funniest thing that I've ever not been allowed to laugh at!

(I think she was thinking about yelling it right here. . .)

5. She says "Who?" instead of "What?" ALL the time. For example, I just laughed when I typed #4 and she came running in the room saying "Who? Who you lapping bout?" (Don't worry, I didn't tell her I was lapping bout pee pee head!)

6. She is her "daddy's pumpkin" and has him officially wrapped around her finger. (He is convinced that she IS NOT saying pee pee head. . .and doesn't need a spanking, and besides, "she's too little to spank")

7. She is everything wonderful about having a little girl! She is precious and dramatic and emotional and funny. She is the constant imagery that I need to remind myself that I too am Someone's little girl and that He rejoices over me with singing! (even when I want to yell Pee Pee Head!)